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FRA has Changed What You Will Submit for 49 Part 243

If you currently gathering paperwork for your Part 243 submission, you'll want to take a look at FRA's new compliance guide for Part 243.

What has changed?

Employers that maintain other FRA-required training programs, whether submitted to FRA or retained for FRA’s inspection and review, are not required to submit those same training programs to FRA under Part 243.

However, be careful... these training programs still must meet the training standards in Part 243. This change only affects what you submit to FRA not what you have to comply with.

Which training programs no longer need to be submitted?

To see the full list of what no longer needs to be submitted, refer to the table in the compliance guide for Part 243 on pages 8-11. Visit FRA's website to download a copy at:

Be sure to also reference the document's revision history for a full list of what has changed in its newest publication.

Stuck on your 243 training programs or not sure how to get started? We can help! We have helped several Class 1 railroads, short line and regional railroads, and contractors prepare for 243. Contact us at

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