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Performance Support Tools

At Spark Training, our custom training solutions often involve the implementation of performance support tools to help support ongoing performance on the job after training is completed.

How is performance support different than training? Unlike training that aims to build employee knowledge, skill, and ability, performance support tools aid employees in applying skills or solving problems. And while training often takes employees away from their job location, performance support tools are available at the time of need – whether that is at their desk or in the field.

How many times have we used Google as a performance support tool? I know I have both at work and when helping my daughter with her homework. We use Google so frequently it has become a verb – Google is the perfect example of a performance support tool, but employees cannot find all their answers on Google. Performance support tools can be anything from an interactive PDF file to a robust help option built within software. Regardless of the format, the tool must be convenient, user-friendly, and relevant in order to be effective.

In an age where employees are expected to learn and retain so much information, implementing performance support tools helps employees focus on the task at hand without the burden of trying to remember information that is rarely used.

Consider, where do your employees go when they have a question on how to perform at task?

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