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FRA-Approved Spanish Version of Roadway Worker Protection

Spark TS Introduces Spanish Version of Roadway Worker Protection Training for Enhanced Safety and Accessibility.

Railroad safety is paramount to Spark TS, a transportation SaaS company. In a significant step forward, the team is proud to launch the Spanish version of the Roadway Worker Protection Training (RWP), approved by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

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Addressing a Vital Need in Railroad Safety

The FRA's Railroad Workplace Safety regulations play a pivotal role in ensuring worker safety. Still, many railway workers, who are not native English speakers, find the mandated English exams challenging. Spark TS has responded by offering this vital training in Spanish, aiming to facilitate better comprehension of essential safety protocols and procedures.

Features of the Spanish RWP Training include:

  1. Accessibility: The training is available to Spanish-speaking employees and contractor workers.

  2. Compliance with Regulations: The curriculum is designed to meet FRA 49 CFR 214 requirements and educates workers on critical safety rules and processes.

  3. Inclusive Learning Environment: Participants can now understand and follow on-track safety protection procedures, participate actively in job safety briefings, and more, all in their native language

Extending Support to Small Railroads and Contractors

In line with our commitment to safety, Spark TS is providing the Spanish RWP training for free to contractors and Short Line railroads with fewer than 50 employees. This program will be available up to 250 individuals monthly until December, 2023. To apply, complete this form:

Spanish RWP Program Application


About Spark TS

Spark TS is a leader in offering safety and compliance software and services solutions for the railroad and transportation industries. Spark TS set the standards for the CFR Part 243 Training Rule implementation with Rail Tasker™, a railroad mobile application for building safer work environments including operations testing, safety alert briefings, training, and drug and alcohol program management.

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