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Spark TS Launches FRA-approved Spanish Version of Roadway Worker Protection Training

ST. PAUL, MN, USA , August 22, 2023/ -- Spark TS, a SaaS safety, compliance, and drug & alcohol testing company, announced the release of the Spanish version of its Roadway Worker Protection Training (RWP). This Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approved training is a significant milestone in the railroad industry, as it eliminates language barriers for non-native English-speaking track workers and elevates safety measures for those engaged in labor-intensive maintenance of way tasks.

"Language shouldn't be a barrier to safety. The launch of our Spanish Roadway Worker Protection Training shows our commitment to inclusivity, safety & the diverse skills that keep railroads running.”
— Katie Inouye, CEO and Founder of Spark TS

The Railroad Workplace Safety regulations, as outlined in the FRA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Subtitle B, Chapter II, Part 214, are mandatory requirements designed to protect employees and contractors from accidents and injuries caused by moving railroad cars, locomotives, or roadway maintenance machines. However, many roadway workers are not native English speakers, often facing challenges in passing demanding English exams required for the job. This language barrier poses safety concerns as it inhibits workers from fully comprehending vital safety protocols and procedures.

With the introduction of the Spanish version of the training, Spark TS aims to address this issue and prioritize the safety and well-being of all railway workers. Now, employees and contractors can access the training in both English and Spanish, empowering them to grasp safety guidelines more effectively and minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

"Language should never be a barrier to railroad safety," said Katie Inouye, CEO and Founder of Spark TS, "This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting an inclusive workforce, prioritizing safety, and recognizing the diversity of the skilled individuals who make railroads run safely."

Features of the new Spanish language version of Roadway Worker Protection Training include:

• Accessibility: The training is available to Spanish-speaking employees and contractor workers.
• Compliance with Regulations: The curriculum is designed to meet FRA 49 CFR 214 requirements and educates workers on critical safety rules and processes.
• Inclusive Learning Environment: Participants can now understand and follow on-track safety protection procedures, participate actively in job safety briefings, and more, all in their native language.

Commitment to Small Business Contractors and Short Line Railroads
In an unprecedented move reflecting the company’s dedication to safety, Spark TS is offering free subscriptions for Spanish RWP to contractors and Short Line railroads with fewer than 50 employees. Up to 250 individuals per month can avail themselves of this free training through December, emphasizing Spark TS’s commitment to fostering safety for Maintenance of Way Track workers. Companies may need additional host railroad training, but this course provides foundational knowledge of key safety topics for all roadway workers.

For more information on the Spanish version of Roadway Worker Protection training or the free training subscription, visit the website.

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