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Our Team

Our devoted team is here to facilitate you and your organization in your compliance, safety, and drug and alcohol testing programs and processes.

Katie Inouye

CEO / Founder

Katie, the founder and CEO of Spark TS, has an extensive history in the railroad industry; having worked at a Class 1 railroad, she has played a key role in developing industry training standards. Her experience led her to establish Spark Training Solutions, now known as Spark TS, with a vision – ensuring safety and protecting lives in the railroad industry. As a sole employee, she supported six Class 1 Railroads with their 243 submissions, designed numerous safety and rules training courses, and simplified the complex 243 compliance regulation for small railroads and contractors. Katie's expertise fueled the creation of Rail Tasker™, a software solution utilized by over 125 shortline railroads and 65,000 users.

As the services and offerings of Spark TS have grown and expanded into supporting several other industries, Katie's commitment to safety remains. She has a proven record of working with organizations to help them transform their training, safety, and compliance programs from a burden to an organizational asset.

Holly Rainwater

Vice-President Drug & Alcohol Programs

Holly Rainwater has 20 years of industry experience in managing drug and alcohol testing programs. She previously worked in Human Resources (HR) and has extensive knowledge of employee lifecycle management. Recognizing that each phase of employee development has unique needs, Holly has focused on developing software and systems to streamline the time between a candidate's acceptance of an offer and their first day working at your company. Holly was also a Designated Employer Representative (DER) at two Class 1 railroads and managed onsite collectors for a third-party administrator. Holly is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP), Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (DOT/SAP), Lifeloc Master Trainer, and Qualified Professional Collector Trainer.

Under Holly's leadership, Spark TS offers comprehensive drug and alcohol testing and third party administrator services to support organizations in finding the most effective strategies to manage their company and safety programs.


Lauren Rice

Account Executive

Georgia Bowen

TPA Account Manager

Shaun Meyer

Lead Platform Engineer

Thaddeus Martin

Director of Training Programs