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People Tasker

Comprehensive software

solution for HR and safety teams

People Tasker is a comprehensive solution for complex compliance and safety challenges across many industries. The easy-to-use software technology can help drug and alcohol program managers, HR professionals, and Designated Employer Representatives (DER) seamlessly manage mandatory regulation programs. 

People Tasker’s time-saving tools allow you to:

  • Track all company requirements for new hires and job transfers in one place
  • Order, receive, and track drug and alcohol testing
  • Deliver critical safety information to field employees
  • Track employee qualifications 

We are your strategic partner for people management.

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Simplified Implementation

Guided onboarding to implement your compliance, safety, and training processes.

User-Friendly Interface

Conveniently enter data and access clear reporting dashboards all in one place.

Assessments & Tracking

Access a growing library of practical on-the-job checklists. Conduct online assessments, track progress, and easily maintain records all in one spot.

Effortless Mobile Operations

Effortlessly manage safety and compliance programs through our mobile-driven system.

Industries Served

Ground Transportation
Other Industries

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Spark TS team is such a wonderful group to work with. TC&W utilizes multiple components of their product and have always been impressed with their ability to provide a service that exceeds expectations. With cutting edge technology available at your fingertips, Spark TS/RailTasker has enhanced our ability to not just meet but exceed compliance and safety goals. A phone call, email or in-person meeting/tutorials are greeted with quick response and helpful guidance.

- Twin Cities & Western Railroad, Josh Thorson Safety Manager
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