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Are you a collector

looking to partner with Spark TS?

At Spark TS, we prioritize the continuous growth and improvement of our collectors network. Our goal is to cultivate a highly skilled and professional collector network to not only meet but exceed our client's expectations and provide testers with a seamless and reliable experience.

Who We Are

Spark TS is a leader in providing compliance and training solutions for our clients in the Transportation industry. Through our services, we inspire safe work environments and equip our clients with the tools they need to respond quickly to changing compliance and safety challenges.

Why this Position Matters

Our clients trust us to manage the details of their drug and alcohol testing collections. Afterall, it is through the small details that make something from good to great. In this role, you will be on the frontline – implementing drug and testing programs through onsite collections and ensuring that the collection process goes smoothly and accurately.

What You're Great At

DOT Regulations

Our clients are regulated by DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations – but for you this is no problem because you understand the nuances of what is required for compliance.


In our experience, great companies all have this in common: they communicate really well with their people. You know how to communicate to ensure you understand what is needed and when.

Qualified and Trained

You recognize our industry is also evolving and it is important to keep your training and qualifications up-to-date.

Utilizing Online Tools

Who has time for paper? You appreciate the ability to manage the collection process through online tools to help all of us be more accurate and efficient.

What You'll be Doing

As the onsite collector, you will be an extension of our clients safety program as you complete the drug and alcohol testing process by collecting the specimen, maintaining custody and control and securing the specimen for shipment to the correct laboratory.

This is a 24-7 on-call contractor (1099) opportunity. But for experienced onsite collectors, you get this, after all this is what on site collections is all about.

If you are interested in joining our collector network contact us today.