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Our mission is to help companies in creating and sustaining the safest workplaces possible. Spark TS specializes in delivering compliance and safety software, training, third party administrator services, drug and alcohol testing services, and background screening. 

With decades of boots on the ground experience, we understand the challenges of implementing compliance and safety regulations and are equipped to navigate these complexities. Our passion is deeply rooted in our firsthand encounters with the profound repercussions that arise when safety is not the foremost priority.

We offer more than software solutions; we are your partner in safety and compliance.

Our Culture

At Spark TS, we are passionate about ensuring compliance in the way companies and organizations implement safety measures. We believe that a strong safety culture not only protects employees but also enhances workplace productivity and morale. Our dedicated team is focused on empowering organizations to create and maintain the safest workplaces possible by means of ongoing assistance and continuous improvements to our software systems and services that reinforce these efforts. Our culture is defined by collaboration and support within our team and when serving our clients.

Serving You

Our Commitments to Our Clients

Safety is the number one priority

  • We work with clients of all sizes in various industries with a shared commitment to improving safety.
  • We are involved in industry committees and events to keep informed on how safety trends could and should impact our offerings.

Implementation and ongoing support to make your job easier

  • We are here to get you started - great technology is only as good as it is implemented which is why all of our plans include implementation support.
  • We offer ongoing strategy and technical support - we go beyond your usual technical support and provide guidance on how to best use our content and tools.
  • We are here to share our expertise in regulatory requirements so you can focus on managing the safety of your operations.

Content and tools that are always evolving

  • Requirements zig, and so we will zag. Our flexible approach lets us adapt, ensuring we deliver exactly what you require when you need it.
  • We are always working on expanding our online content based on client requests and changing industry requirements.
  • We work to ensure our technology is up-to-date and new enhancements are added based on user feedback.

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