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Consulting &
Custom Design


Our team has helped Class 1 railroads, short line railroads, and railroad contractors transform their training programs from being seen as a necessary cost of doing business into a strategic initiative to improve employee safety and performance. Our training consulting services can help your company build a training plan for meeting regulatory requirements, onboarding, change management, leadership development, and online recordkeeping.

Do you need help creating a plan to prepare for 49 CFR Part 243?

We can help. 

Spark Training Solutions has been at the forefront of providing solutions to the dynamic railroad industry, driving the CFR 243 project for Class 1 railroads and leading industry committees to create a consistent instructional design approach to meeting the regulation’s requirements.

Custom Training Design & Development

From apprenticeship programs to microlearning, we offer custom instructional design services for classroom, online, and blended training courses. 

Whether you need to revamp your current training program to meet upcoming 243 federal regulations or build a course to meet new company objectives, we have the instructional design expertise and experience to create learning experiences that deliver lasting results.

Our Process


The analysis phase is foundational to training success. We go to great lengths to understand each client's unique circumstances and desired outcomes.

Design & Develop

Based on what is learned in the analysis phase and working with the client, we recommend learning solutions and provide an outline of our design plan. Once a solid design plan is in place, our skilled team collaborates to develop the course materials and leverage learning technology.


We conduct a pilot to ensure the program is effective and provides the intended outcomes.   This phase gives us an opportunity to address challenges or concerns about the course, and make revisions if necessary to ensure the course flows well, learners are grasping the concepts, materials meet instructor expectations, and student engagement is high.



Formative evaluations are performed throughout the project process to assess and revise lacking components as necessary.


The final evaluation phase is a critical step in the process as it determines the value and effectiveness of the course, whether learning objectives were met,  identifies learner knowledge gaps, and measures the overal organizational results.

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