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Drug & Alcohol
Testing Services

We believe that drug and alcohol testing programs play a key role in the safety of the railroad industry. However, these programs are often difficult and expensive to manage. Our drug and alcohol testing services are designed in partnership with you to allow the Designated Employer Representative (DER) to leverage online tools and an industry network so that they can avoid unnecessary administrative tasks and focus on managing a compliant and effective program.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services
  • Clinic and Mobile / Onsite Testing Services

    • Our robust clinic network and growing mobile collector network allow us the ability to partner and strategically build a collector network that meets your drug and alcohol testing needs.

  • Laboratory and Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

    • We partner with only Department of Health and Human Services approved laboratories and Medical Review Officers that meet the requirements specified under DOT.

  • Electronic Chain of Custody Forms

    • Our robust clinic network uses Electronic COCs - providing a smooth process flow between the collection site, laboratory, MRO, and you.  Electronic COCs reduce collector errors and eliminate chasing down paper COCs.

  • Third-Party Administrator (TPA) - Random Testing / Consortium

    • Our random testing program provides you the opportunity to customize your company’s random drug and alcohol testing selection processes or partner with us and join one of our DOT Consortiums.  

Electronic File Management & Reporting

Go paperless!  With the click of a button - Rail Tasker provides you with a secure document management system to view, upload, and store Alcohol Testing forms, Chain of Custody forms, MRO Results, and Test Documentation.  

Know and find results easily. Stop using spreadsheets!  

  • Monitor all of your drug and alcohol testing events in ONE location.  

  • Track the status of upcoming and past testing events.

Training and Compliance
  • Program Management and Policy Development

    • Unsure what the regulation means?  Unsure how to develop or enhance a program that fits the needs of your company, ask us - we have been there.  We are experts in managing federally-mandated drug and alcohol programs including 49 CFR Part 219.  

  • Audit Support

    • Audits can be very intimidating.   Let us help you.  Our team can assist you in strategically developing an audit “friendly” program.  If you need additional support during an audit, our team can provide you with additional onsite support.

  • Online and In-Person Training

    • Access our growing library of online courses or allow us to customize in-person training to meet your company's program objectives and regulatory requirements.

Other Screening Services
  • DOT 40.25 Background Checks

  • Physical Exams

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