Katie Inouye

CEO / Founder

Spark Training Solutions was founded with the desire to help the railroad industry create training strategies to improve safety and meet complex training regulatory requirements.


It is common to over-complicate training initiatives but a solid and simplified training approach can have huge benefits and cost savings for your workplace, employee engagement, and professional performance. We want to be the catalyst of change in how you approach your training initiatives by taking the complicated and simplifying it using a holistic approach.  

I can appreciate the complexity of changes the railroad industry is facing. I have worked to create industry training standards and led Class 1 subcommittees for the Federal Railroad Administration’s Training Standard Rule in 49 CFR Part 243. My team and I have helped Class 1 railroads, short line railroads, and contractors flip their training from a burden to an organizational asset.

No matter where you are in your training process, or the size of your organization, if you’re facing company changes that require a training solution, our team is here to help you.

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