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About Us

What We Do

We specialize in providing clients in the railroad industry with comprehensive, customized training and compliance services to grow organizational potential.

​By bringing together powerful technology, online content, and industry expertise, we help railroads and contractors frustrated with the ever-changing FRA and industry compliance requirements confidently implement and document training and safety initiatives.



Katie Inouye 

CEO / Founder

Our founder and CEO, Katie Inouye, can appreciate the complexity of changes the railroad industry is facing. She worked at Class 1 railroad to create industry training standards and led Class 1 subcommittees for the Federal Railroad Administration’s Training Standard Rule in 49 CFR Part 243. She started the company with a vision that the railroad industry can achieve zero fatalities. While the company's offerings continue to grow, that vision and passion for railroad safety have remained unchanged.


She has a proven record of working with Class 1 railroads, short line railroads, and contractors to help them flip their training and FRA compliance programs from a burden to an organizational asset.


Holly Rainwater has over 15 years of industry experience in managing drug and alcohol testing programs. She previously worked as Designated Employer Representative (DER) at two Class 1 railroads and managed onsite collectors for a third-party administrator.


Under Holly's leadership, Spark TS offers comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services to support railroads and contractors in finding the most effective strategies to manage their company, Part 219, and other DOT-regulated programs.

Holly Rainwater Vice-President Drug & Alcohol Programs


We have had the privilege of serving 70+ Class 1 railroads, short line railroads, and railroad contractors, including:

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