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Partnership With 20x20 To Amplify Software Platform

ST. PAUL, MN, USA, May 31, 2022 / -- Spark Training Solutions, a railroad safety, compliance training and drug & alcohol testing company, announced a technology development partnership with 20x20 to expand its software application user base.

Spark Transportation Solutions supports the railroad industry with its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform including FRA-approved training, record keeping, on-the-job checklists and OSHA safety curriculum and can be custom tailored to every railroad operator’s needs.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), an agency in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates and enforces the safety of the nation’s railroad system. It is the responsibility of all railroads and contractors to adhere to FRA’s legislative, contractual and procedural rules. FRA continuously updates regulations and requirements that can be confusing and challenging for railroads to implement.

“It is exceptionally difficult for railroads and their contractors to keep up with FRA regulations, requirements and documentation,” says Katie Inouye, CEO and founder of Spark Training Solutions. “Rail Tasker is a powerful SaaS platform to easily demonstrate compliance proof so they can focus solely on their railway operations.”

The partnership with 20x20 empowers the Spark Training Solutions team to seamlessly integrate new FRA rules and regulations into the Rail Tasker technology platform so the railroad industry can safely and efficiently operate their railroads.

“Continuous software architecture and feature improvements along with stringent cybersecurity measures are crucial for serving customers,” says Clark Torgerson, Founder, 20x20 Solutions and former SpaceX Senior Engineering Manager. “We’re delighted to collaborate with Spark because they are exactly the kind of team 20x20 Solutions likes working with – incredibly knowledgeable and wholly focused on safety outcomes for their railroad customers.”

About 20x20 Solutions

20x20 Solutions is a Minneapolis-based consultancy that works with startups and growing organizations to provide technology, architecture, workflow, and strategy guidance, empowering clients to successfully navigate phases of growth. They serve clients at all levels, from technology designs and performance optimization to executive guidance and workflow improvement. 20x20 Solutions partners with organizations seeking to grow and improve.

Founding Team

Clark Torgerson served as Senior Manager, Linux Systems Engineering at SpaceX, designing, implementing, and managing flight-critical and R&D systems for Falcon Heavy, Falcon 9, Dragon, and StarLink missions. He also served as Director of Production Engineering at Samsung SmartThings, overseeing systems architecture, deployment, and launch of a worldwide Internet-of-Things platform. Previously, he served as Director of Platform Systems at Redbrick Health and as Senior Production Linux Team Lead at ABILITY Network, helping build and launch a nationwide, next-gen healthcare and insurance data exchange platform.

Ben Bakken is former Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Bangstate Inc. Ben has served as Head of Application Development at Allston Trading, overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars in the market daily. He has previously served as Director of Engineering for Samsung SmartThings, leading backend development during the build of the largest consumer IoT release ever. Previously, he was Backend Services Manager for Redbrick Health, overseeing 85x user growth, continued revenue growth, and 5x team expansion in just under two years.

About Spark Training Solutions

Spark Training Solutions is a leader in offering training and FRA compliance solutions in the railroad industry. Having set the standards for the CFR Part 243 Training Rule implementation, Spark Training Solution offers Rail Tasker, a mobile application that supports the railroad industry in building safer work environments for operations testing, safety alert briefings, training, and drug and alcohol program management.

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