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Building Effective Training

Measuring and Communicating Training ROI

Training is a form of education but it is significantly different from traditional education. Why? Training initiatives should have a clear and defined business purpose; which means training should ...

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Microlearning: A rediscovered training trend in 2021

Like many industries, it sometimes feels as though we training professionals like to recycle trends. As more training moved online and become asynchronous in the past year, it seems to have put ...

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The Difficult Aspect of Safety Training: Addressing Attitudes

I don't know about you, but I have always thought that providing training to employees on safety rules such as proper lifting techniques, PPE, equipment use, etc. is the easy part. These are not ...

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Can you inspire innovation? Do you want to?

As a business owner, consultant, instructional designer, and someone who cares about improving safety in my industry - I sometimes wonder about how we can inspire others to be innovative to improve. ...

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Is training to blame when there is an accident/incident?

Throughout my career in training, and especially in the railroad industry, I have seen how training often bears the brunt of the blame when there is an accident or incident; sometimes directly and ...

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Implementing Safety Training that Actually Improves Safety

Have you ever attended a safety training program only to return to work and see the same unsafe behavior that the training just addressed? I know I have. This can be common problem with safety ...

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Performance Support Tools

At Spark Training, our custom training solutions often involve the implementation of performance support tools to help support ongoing performance on the job after training is completed. How is ...

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