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march 2024

Drug and alcohol violations & Certification, with mitch harris, Rio Grand Pacific Corporation

We discuss drug and alcohol history, 219 prohibitions, employer responsive action, certified employee implications, driving records, and fitness requirements.

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February 2024

Mastering DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing: Adapting to Evolving Marijuana Laws

We explore the complexities of drug and alcohol testing in the transportation industry. We focus on understanding the intricacies of marijuana state laws and their impact on testing policies for both DOT and non-DOT employers. Perfect for HR and safety professionals seeking clarity and strategies to maintain compliance.

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January 2024

Drug testing strategies using last year's numbers

Holly Rainwater discusses how previous positive rates, reasonable cause testing, volunteering referrals, negative dilutes, random testing and other data can be leveraged to create a drug and alcohol testing strategy in the new year.

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2023 and earlier

How to create and update a 219 plan using the FRA plan document

View our webinar for an in-depth discussion on creating and updating a 219 plan tailored for the rail industry. Discover key considerations, regulatory insights, and Spark TS’s innovative solutions for drug and alcohol testing compliance. Perfect for railroads aiming to navigate FRA regulations effectively.

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Refusals for DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing 

The DOT regulations are clear when it comes to refusals, but understanding them thoroughly is essential. Our webinar provided an overview of these regulations and shed light on the various determinations made by MROs, BATs, and STTs and when it is the employers responsibility. 

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243 Refresher Training Requirements

This webinar provides an overview of the refresher training requirements in 49 CFR Part 243, including:

-Which topics require refresher training? 

-What is the refresher training timeframe?

-What topics should be covered in refresher training?

We were thrilled to have Cory Johnson from the Federal Railroad Administration share his valuable insights with us.

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Oral Fluids Testing: Preparing for DOT's New Final Rule

We were honored to have distinguished guest speaker Patrice Kelly, JD, Senior Policy Executive Advisor from the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA) share her expert insights on oral fluid testing. She is a leading authority in the field and a key contributor to the development of the new Part 40 regulations.

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Roadway Worker Safety Discussion 

Lance Hawks, Human Performance Specialist – Safety Partnerships Division at the FRA and Katie Inouye, CEO of Spark TS expertly discussed railroad and contractor/oversight for roadway worker safety.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing: CBD / Marijuana

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has strongly cautioned truck drivers and other safety-sensitive employees subject to federal drug testing about the use of CBD oil and other “cannabidiol” products.  In this webinar, we will cover what this means for DOT employers. 


FRA Railroad Contractor Compliance

This webinar will provide an overview of a railroad's responsibility to ensure its contractors are compliant with FRA regulations Part 219 Control of Alcohol and Drug Use and Part 243 Training Standards Rule.

FMCSA Clearinghouse: What Railroaders Need to Know

Holly Rainwater, VP of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs will provide an overview of how to use the FMCSA Clearinghouse and why it is important for railroads and contractors to know about these requirements.


A Review of FRA's Requirements for Drug & Alcohol Testing

Do you have questions about implementing the new recent changes for Mechanical employees in 49 CFR Part 219? During this webinar, Holly Rainwater, Vice-President of Drug and Alcohol Programs at Spark TS, will review the new requirements and answer participants' questions.


Designated Employees and Designated Instructors

The 243 implementation deadline is passed, now what? In this webinar we will:
1. Review the requirements and best practices for designated (grandfathering in) existing employees 
2. Review the requirements for designated instructors
3. Provide an overview of how Rail Tasker seamlessly handles these requirements

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243 Webinar with FRA: Initial Training Programs & Oversight

-Identify the requirements for initial training programs & oversight (FRA)
-Get your questions answered from Rob Castiglione, FRA (FRA)
-Receive a step-by-step process to implement the initial training program requirements (Spark TS)

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About Spark TS

Spark TS is a leader in offering safety and compliance software and services solutions for the railroad and transportation industries. Spark TS set the standards for the CFR Part 243 Training Rule implementation with Rail Tasker™, a railroad mobile application for building safer work environments including operations testing, safety alert briefings, training, and drug and alcohol program management.

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